Dont forget to clean your hidden spots

As an individual while cleaning you always feel that there is some amount of dust/dirt still left at some corner. It is not possible for anyone with a hectic schedule to take every corner of their house into account while cleaning. And with a busy schedule and kids, it’s near to impossible to complete daily household chores leaving you exhausted and with no self-care time.

Below are some of the areas where you might need to focus:

  • Blinds

When was the last time you paid particular attention to your blinds? They acquire dust, pet hair, and filth rapidly, but with the correct knowledge and tools, you can clean your blinds in no time.

What method do you use to clean your blinds? The following are the tools you’ll need:

  • With the gentle brush attachment, a vacuum cleaner
  • Clothes made of microfiber
  • Soap for dishes
  • a bath in warm water

If your blinds are really dusty or filthy, wipe them down with a moist cloth. If you allow your wood blinds to become too wet, they can warp. If your blinds have been exposed to grease or have sticky residue, you can clean them with soapy water. Then, open the blinds completely to allow them to dry.

  • Scrub the oven

If you forgot to pick up an oven cleaner the last time you went to the store, you can clean your oven using baking soda and vinegar instead of using the smelly self-cleaning feature.

Remove all of the racks from the oven and prepare a paste with baking soda and water (approximately 12 cups baking soda and 3 teaspoons water). Coat the inside of your oven with baking soda paste, avoiding all heated elements. Allow at least 12 hours for this to sit overnight.

  • Dishwasher

There are steps you can do to keep your dishwasher appearing clean all of the time, but if it does require a full clean, you can handle it quickly. Simply put two cups of distilled

white vinegar in a glass measuring cup in the top rack of the dishwasher and run the cycle without detergent or dishes.

  • Consider vacuuming lampshades too

Lampshades can quickly accumulate dust, and even if you vacuum them with a high-powered vacuum, they might not ever end up looking dust-free. Here’s one of those tips for house cleaning you might not have heard before: Once you’ve vacuumed your lampshades, get rid of leftover dust by going over them with a lint roller. You’ll be amazed at the difference it will make! Get the kids involved and have them tackle the lamps throughout your house!


  • Gunk stuck in the cabinets


Grease and filth can accumulate on the tops of cabinets, near handles, and along ridges. Mix one part coconut oil with two parts baking soda and use a cloth or sponge to apply it directly to your cabinets. For small cracks and crevices, you can even use an old toothbrush. Clean it up with a fresh cloth and see the difference!

  • Other places to focus on
  • Your shower curtain and liner should be cleaned.
  • Window tracks should be cleaned regularly.
  • Put your pillows in the washing machine.
  • Make sure your mattress is clean.
  • Clean your coffee maker well.
  • Make sure your bathroom exhaust fan is dust-free.
  • Ensure that your bagless vacuum cleaner is in good working order.
  • Throughout your home, sanitize the high-touch items.

Hire a professional cleaner

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