How often should you clean your carpets and rugs?

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 Femme de ménage à Montreal


We all know carpets and rugs are the centres of attraction for each household. They increase the aesthetic value of the room and give it a warm shape. Other things can be replaced and go unnoticed but carpets are the main point of attraction for anyone who enters a room. They also take plenty of time to clean up and dry. Cleaning up a whole carpet is not an easy job for anyone, it consumes the whole day. For places that have frequent visitors, their carpets always have to take the burden of soaking in all the dirt from their shoes. For a more sanitary house, you also want your carpet to be free of dust and stink. Furthermore, because your carpet is a significant financial investment, you want it to survive as long as feasible.


To keep your carpet looking and performing its best, professional cleaners usually suggest cleaning your carpet deeply every 12-18 months. Please keep in mind that this advised frequency is merely a guideline and may vary depending on your specific circumstances. For example, professional carpet cleaning may be required every 6 to 12 months in some homes. It all relies on your particular choices and lifestyle.


Do you vacuum your carpet on a regular basis?


Vacuuming your carpet once a week at least will keep all the dust particles out. It helps in absorbing all the loose particles on the upper surface of the carpet before settling on a deeper surface which is impossible to clean. Even though vacuuming will avoid frequent calls to the professional cleaners, in the end, no matter what, you will have to hire a professional cleaner to deep clean the carpet.

Carpets act as a filter


Carpet fibres work as a filter, trapping a lot of the dust and allergens that are floating around in the air. These allergy-inducing particles can accumulate in carpet fibres over time. If these particles are allowed to build, they will become airborne again every time someone walks across the carpet. To re-establish a healthy living environment, only a thorough cleaning may eradicate these allergens.


Color depicts the lifespan of cleanliness


Although a light-colored carpet can brighten up a room, it is prone to displaying dirt and stains. Needless to say, keeping a light-colored carpet looking good will almost always necessitate more frequent professional cleaning than a darker carpet. However, this isn’t always a terrible thing. Because of the lighter tint, you can quickly spot an increasing level of filth, indicating when it’s time for deep cleaning.

Does your carpet require a cleaning regime?

To retain your warranty in full effect, many carpet manufacturers need you to follow a specific cleaning program. It’s pretty uncommon for the guarantee to stipulate that your carpet must be professionally cleaned at least once, if not twice, per year. You may also be obliged to keep your receipts for the cleanings in the event that a warranty issue arises. This will allow you to prove that you followed the manufacturer’s cleaning and maintenance guidelines.


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